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Crowbaby and Dawfie by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Crowbaby and Dawfie

Patchwork Annie by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Patchwork Annie

Author Brenda O'Bannion is a career educator who loves writing for children. Many of her stories take the reader back to a time that is nostalgic and wholesome for both parent and child.

Brenda writes books for children with accompanying teacher resource kits designed to enhance the reading and learning experience. She is also available for school visits and presentations that are designed for children, educators, librarians and parents ... all designed to better reach and teach children through reading.

We invite you to review descriptions of her books and resources ... please contact us for more information about Brenda & her books, or to inquire about her schedule.

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• 'Crowbaby and Dawfie' available now

• 'Patchwork Annie' available now

Teacher-to-Teacher Resources by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Teacher-to-Teacher Resources

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