Presenter As an author, educator and speaker, Brenda has more than 20 years experience working with children, teachers and parents. Her passion for reaching the hearts of all children and helping them become all they can be is clearly communicated in her work.

Whether sharing one of her storybooks to a group of students in a school library, working with teachers on meeting the needs of all their students, or making large group presentations for parents, her mission is clear -- reaching and teaching our children!

Brenda's high-energy speeches are designed to motivate educators and parents to help children become the best they can be. She utilizes struggles from her own childhood and how, by being introduced to the world of good literature by caring teachers, she learned of the many opportunities available to her.

Audiences leave her sessions revitalized and committed to work diligently at reaching our children in a positive way.

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Crowbaby and Dawfie by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Crowbaby and Dawfie
by Brenda O'Bannion
Audience: 8 to 12 year olds

When presenting "Crowbaby and Dawfie" in school libraries, Brenda shares pictures and artifacts of the true characters of which this book is about, along with discussion about the time period and how that differs from today, especially in the area of communication. She leaves each child with a vintage 1950's postcard for a class writing project.

see also Brenda's Teacher-to-Teacher Resources for Crowbaby and Dawfie"

Patchwork Annie by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Patchwork Annie
by Brenda O'Bannion
Audience: 8 to 12 year olds

When presenting "Patchwork Annie" in school libraries, Brenda will share some of the history of quilting, along with showing various quilt blocks. The author will leave each child with a paper quilt block that can be colored and made into a classroom quilt. Brenda does this presentation wearing Annie's hat made from the mayor's suit and a yellow duck collar made from Billy Thorton's underwear!

see also Brenda's Teacher-to-Teacher Resources for "Patchwork Annie"


Celebrating the Difference Books Can Make!
Audience: Librarians, Teachers, Parents
Breakout session topic: Finding the Story Within

This session celebrates the influence storybooks can have in the lives of children. Beginning with a powerful slide show, Brenda uses this high-energy, interactive session to share the books that were vital in shaping her life and conveys how educators and parents can use literature in the same powerful way for their children. She also discusses her literary journey to becoming an author and shares her stories with the audience. Those who attend this session take away a renewed motivation for working with our kids!

Dawfie's Story
Audience: Educators, Parents
Breakout session topic: Planning for the Future of a Special Needs Child

This moving and inspiring session deals with the life of an autistic child. Dawfie, born in 1932, lived a full, happy life that touched the hearts of those that knew her. Born to a poor farming family in Western Louisiana, she never ventured farther than a few hundred miles from home, yet her message of hope and inspiration is being presented across the nation through the children's book "Crowbaby and Dawfie" and it's adult companion book, "Dawfie's Story". Participants will leave this session with a true piece of Americana!

Painted Shoes — The Impact of Poverty on Learning
Audience: Educators
Breakout session topic: Bridging the Poverty Gap in the Classroom.

From humorous stories of growing up in poverty to a heart-tugging story about painted shoes, Brenda conveys to her audience that, as educators, we have the powerful ability to help children born into poverty break the cycle in their lives. Educators leave with an insight into the lives of the children they teach and with a set of tools to aid them in working with these children.

Brenda's ability and passion in addressing the issue of poverty among our school children makes this session a vital part of any teacher training.


Please contact Brenda for more information
about her books, resources, and speaking schedule.

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