Crowbaby and Dawfie by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Crowbaby and Dawfie
by Brenda O'Bannion
Original Illustrations by Casey Scarborough
ISBN-10: 193366052X
ISBN-13: 978-1933660523
Audience: Grades 3-5 (8-12 yrs)

"Crowbaby and Dawfie" is a heart-tugging story about an autistic child's faithful watch for her brother's return from war. The story covers thirteen months in the life of Ma and Dawfie as they watch the river road near their home, eager for Crowbaby's return. A touching ending gives the readers hope and insight into not only the lives of disabled children, but also the conflicts that war imposes.

In the words of Dr. Joyce Armstrong Carroll of the Abydos Learning International, who wrote the forward for this book, "Crowbaby and Dawfie honors the sacrifices of heart, home and country. And its message will remain in the mind of every child who reads it".

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Patchwork Annie by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Patchwork Annie
by Brenda O'Bannion
Original Illustrations by Casey Scarborough
ISBN-10: 1933660562
ISBN-13: 978-1933660561
Audience: Grades 3-5 (8-12 yrs)

Patchwork Annie is a fun-loving story set in the 1940's about a delightful character named Annie, who is not only resourceful, but also just plain lucky. When Annie finds herself in need of earning some money, she comes up with a great idea and sets off a chain of events that shocks an entire town.

From this story children will learn about the tradition of quilting in our country, about the author's use of "play on words" to build the characters and more important about resourcefulness and true determination.

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Dawfie's Story by Brenda O'Bannion © 2008
Dawfie's Story
by Brenda O'Bannion

ISBN-10: 1933660511
ISBN-13: 978-1933660516
Audience: Adults

Some stories deserve to be told. Dawfie's Story, many believe, is one of these. The idea for this book grew from a conversation with my publisher while working on the upcoming release of my first children's book, "Crowbaby and Dawfie". After sharing some stories about the real characters in the book, Tim encouraged me to consider writing an adult book as a companion to "Crowbaby and Dawfie'". Once the idea was planted, I couldn't let it go. My mind worked overtime, pulling together bits and pieces of memories, until; finally 1 felt this book come to life.

Doris Lucille Cochran was born to Tommie and Ola Cochran on July 29, 1932. Her family, which consisted of her mother, father and two older brothers, lived in southwest Louisiana, very near where the Sabine River marks the state's boundary with Texas. History reveals just how far we have progressed in assisting handicapped people in helping them to live a productive life. Unfortunately, Dawfie (her pronunciation of Doris) was born too early to benefit from the early diagnosis and intervention so prevalent today.

The diagnosis of autistic and in particular, autistic savant, was not obtained until she was well past fifty years old. Simply put, she lived for sixty years in what many may think of as an unappealing life. Yet those of us fortunate enough to have known her would testify that Dawfie's life, while limited in many ways, was far from unappealing. She lived her life surrounded by the small things she valued, structured by her daily routine, and expressed through her music and drawings.

This, then, is Dawfie's story. Tim planted the seed. I did the watering and the story grew. It is my hope that my readers will reap the harvest.


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